Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to cheer?

Our program is for children turning 5 on or before 11/31 of the current year, and those turning 14 up until 11/31.

What determines which team my child will participate on?

Team placement is determined based on age and grade as well as recreational or competitive.

What is the commitment to participate in the Recreational Cheer Program?

Each recreational team will practice 1 hour each week beginning in August through mid-November. Once school begins, each cheer team will cheer at our youth football games on Sundays. Times are NOT set in stone for games as PAL creates the schedules a week in advance.

What is the commitment to participate in the Competitive Cheer Program?

A significant amount of practice time is required to participate on our teams. Each competitive team will practice twice a week in the evening from July through November. The schedule can change to one evening a week and a Saturday morning once school begins. Practices days, times and locations will be determined by the Head Coaches along with school availability. The game days and times vary by squad. Once school begins, each cheerleader is REQUIRED to cheer at (3) football games before competition season begins.

Where are the practices and games held?

Practice locations are typically at our Locust Avenue Fields or at the Arthur Premm Learning Center in Oakdale. Locations are finalized once the final rosters/teams have been created. Home games are at the Locust Avenue Fields.

What is the deadline for registering for cheerleading?

Registrations will be accepted until the first of June. Team sizes are limited, however, to a maximum of 28 participants and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Do I have to buy the uniform?

Yes, all athletes must purchase their OWN uniform. We hold two sizing nights in June for anyone in need of a new uniform. Typically, a cheerleader gets about 2-3 years out of there uniform.

Does my child have to wear their uniform to school the Friday before a game?

No, we do not allow the girls to wear their uniform to school. The league provides a Connetquot Cheer shirt and bow to ALL cheerleaders that they can wear to school the Friday before a game/competition to show their spirit.

Is it mandatory for my child to take tumble classes?

No, it is not mandatory. However, if you would like for your child to receive outside lessons we recommend a cheer gym or gymnastics program to further their skills.


Frequently Asked Questions