Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need to buy?

You will need to get Game pants BLACK , practice pants (any color), a set of 7 pads for the pants, an athletic supporter, cleats (cannot be metal screw in type) and a game jersey that you can add your child’s name to. A jersey should last for multiple seasons.

Who do the teams play against?

The CYFO T-birds play an 8 – 10 game schedule against other towns within Suffolk P.A.L.

Where/when are games played?

Home games, which generally make up half of each team’s schedule, are played at the Locust Ave. Town Ballfield in Oakdale. The rest of the team’s games are played at competing towns within Suffolk P.A.L. All home games are played on Sundays, as are most away games. On rare occasions away games can be scheduled for a Saturday night. Rescheduled games are played on Wednesday nights. Traditionally the first games will be the weekend after Labor Day.

Where/when are practices held?

CYFO teams practice either at Locust Avenue Complex, Sycamore Avenue Elementary School or John Pearl Elementary School. Practices start at the end of July. Generally, coaches schedule 2 -3 practices a week until school starts. Once school starts most teams practice 2 times a week. Regular practice attendance is critical to your child’s enjoyment; to the enjoyment of the entire team; and to successfully learn the skills required to play football. Please ensure that your child is at as many practices as possible and shows up prepared to learn.

How are teams set up?

We follow all Suffolk County P.A.L. guidelines for team placement of our players. Teams are based first on the ages of the players as 11/15 of this year. For the players between 6 – 8 year of age we attempt to have balanced skill level teams. From 9 -12 years of age as per P.A.L. we separate the players based on skill level. We field an “A” team, “B” team, and a “C” team, if there are enough players.

When will my child be evaluated?

Evaluations will start in the beginning of June, each player will be required to attend all sessions designated for their age group (most likely 2-3 evenings). More information will be sent in May.

When will my child receive their equipment?

Equipment will be handed out in late May. Each age group will be assigned a time and date in early May.

How will I know what team my child has been assigned to?

You will be contacted by your child’s coach in July with their team assignment.

How much playing time should I expect for my child?

P.A.L.’s policy is that each player between 7 – 9 years of age plays a minimum of 8 plays per game, each player between 10 -12 years of age plays a minimum of 10 plays per game. CYFO’s policy goes one step further as we mandate that each player receive a quarter of the play time per game.

Who do I contact with a question or concern?

Concerns/questions should be brought to your child’s coach at an appropriate time (such as before practice or after). If you have spoken with your team’s coach and still have a concern/question please feel free to contact any board member.